Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alone Again

When I started this blog I had just moved to Tripoli, I had only a couple of friends living in Tripoli, so it felt natural to be "Alone in Tripoli". Now, however, things have changed a LOT. I met quite a few good friends while living in Tripoli for the last 3 years (wow, 3 years? time really flies), so I shouldn't be "alone in Tripoli" anymore, right?

Unfortunately most of my friends are not available most of the time now. Most of them are still students so their time is governed by their studies, and the ones that work are not available either since they either work in 'remote locations' (like myself at the moment), or work for little dictators that completely eat up their free time.

So, because of these circumstances I found myself feeling very alone, and bored to death as well. There is so very little to do in Tripoli (and Libya in general), so I decided it's time for me to fly to Benghazi ASAP. It's not like Benghazi is exploding with life and things to do either, but at least I can spend some time with my family and get in touch with old friends still living in Benghazi. I've just remembered that it's been a long time since I spent and Eid with my family, too long, so I think I'll enjoy this one with them.

But for now, for today, I need to figure out what to do. I'm considering going shopping for some clothes and computer stuff (buying computer gadgets for me is very comparable to shoe shopping for girls, it's psychological more than anything else :D).

I'm now thinking of buying a 'decent' set of clothes, I haven't worn suits or dress shirts for quite a while now. I used to wear them for work, but since I changed jobs I haven't found the need to 'suit-up' any more, especially that I never go to weddings.
I dug up my favorite suit, a dark gray, slightly striped, slim fitting suit. Now I've almost made up my mind, I think I'll go find a nice shirt and tie to go with it, I might even get a little silly and travel to Benghazi wearing it :D. I know it will definitely make my dad smile, he always travels in suits, and he can't believe it when he sees me traveling (especially abroad) in jeans and T-shirts.

OK, that's it for now, I think I'll go out and grab something to eat, then start my shopping expedition. I'll post the results if anyone is interested (I wonder if there's anyone that actually reads this blog).