Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Day

Another day in Tripoli, I spent most of yesterday evening cruising in Tripoli with my very dear friend in his car. We're both verymuch into what I like to call "street psychology". The psychological analysis of the everyday man, woman and child in Libya. We spent hours discussing various samples of people. We even were lucky enough to have a "fresh sample", a girl who call my cell phone from time to time asking about a different person everytime, a consistent "wrong number" caller. Yesterday my friend had a "session" with her on the phone, I'll tell the details some other time, but let me tell you now, it was very interesting.
I assembled a new computer, I had to leave my original one in Benghazi since my family want it. I brought most of the components for the new pc with me from Benghazi and I bought the rest here. Now I have it ready but I have no PSU cables for the case and crt. My cousin didn't send them as I instructed him. Today I'll get them from here enshallah.
Today I might go to the Regatta, the "Tourist Village". I went there once before and it was quite dull. Maybe today -if I go- it would be better.
I'm trying to start a "learning program" for myself these days. I've been wanting to learn VB for ages now, and the problem always was that I don't have the time. One advantage of being alone in Tripoli is that I can finally find the time to do a lot of the things that I've been too busy to do before.
I can finally watch all the movies that I've been missing, and maybe in a week or so I'll have my PS2 sent to me from Benghazi and I'll play all the games that I haven't played. Man, so many great games, I can't wait.
A couple of my close friends called last night and said they might drop by next week, ofcourse I'm the one with the place now so I said "Hey, come by anytime, just let me know in advance". I hope the landlord doesn't mind, I'll tell them to keep a low profile anyway.
Ok, now I'll be off to work, I'll hopefully update this later on.
see ya.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello World!

Hello all
This is my first blog EVER. I thought I'd try it, seems interesting. Maybe it will replace the old addiction that I had to a certain forum :)
A little about my certain situation:
I've been living in Tripoli for a little over 3 weeks now, I'm originally from Benghazi so that's where most of my family and friends are. The reason I've moved to Tripoli is that I got a good job here, with a very good company.
I've just had a refrigerator installed in my appartment, so finally I can try to reduce my daily food expenses. I'm not getting paid until the end of the month, till then I'll have to be careful.
Tripoli is a lot more interesting than I thought, even though I haven't seen much of it yet.
Ok for now, this is the end of this initial blog entry, see you tomorrow enshallah.