Saturday, July 9, 2011


I just learned that a colleague and friend of mine has perished at the hands of Gaddafi's militias in Ben-Walid. This happened weeks ago but I only heard of it very recently.

My friend, and around 20 other men had been arrested/kidnapped after they held a peaceful demonstration in their little hometown of Ben-Walid, they were crammed into a dark room in a house used by the militias as a detention center, and kept there for hours while Gaddafi's grunts apparently were waiting for orders.

I don't know if the orders came, but I do know that the men crammed in that dark room were gunned down with Kalashnikov AK-47 machine guns in that very same room, and some were finished off with 9mm rounds from pistols since their bloodied bodies were still trembling and not quite dead.

Salah, my friend, you will not be forgotten, and you will be avenged, rest assured.