Sunday, October 21, 2007

Satellite Internet Security

This is kind of a "part Two" to my previous post "How safe do you think you are?"I've been using the offline downloading technique for a couple of months now, and I've
been getting all sorts of stuff through it.Ofcourse most of the stuff is junk, pics and videos of the "bad" kind, I'm using different filters to help me sift through all the crap, but I still get them anyway.
Among the good stuff I've been getting all kinds of documents, veeeeery interesting
stuff, for example, I got architectural plans for a tower called "Burj Al-Shat" which
is supposed to be constructed in Tripoli, in the place where the old "Al-Shat Hotel"
used to be. I'm talking about the actual architectural plans, they even have the name
and details of the firm that made the designs, which is based in Singapore. Along with
that I also got the Soil Testing Results Report made for that area, and since I'm a
civil engineer, I know that this kind of study costs a lot of money, and I don't think
the managers of this project would be too happy if they knew that their very important
documents were flying around for people like me to catch.Among the stuff I've also got a lot of family photos, scanned personal documents such as birth certificates, educational certificates and passports. You'd really be amazed at some of the things you can find.An interesting note, a friend of mine was poking around in my computer and he came across some of these documents, when he asked and I told him how I got them, he was so spooked his face's color was pale as snow :), makes me wonder what has he been sending and recieving on the internet :), needless to say, he asked me how to avoid being exposed like this and I introduced him to the wonderful world of data encryption, I simply gave him a lttle program on his Flash Drive that he can use to encrypt any data before sending it on the internet.So what can we learn from this? a very simple lesson:If you value your privacy, either use basic encryption or stop using the internet :)


MaySoon said...

WOW.. Gosh I have always felt it wasn’t secure to send personal stuff on the internet, but reading it from someone who actually got some stuff.. makes it REAL.. :o| Emmm data encryption sounds good :oD is it possible that you provide some instructions on how to get that program a name or something?

Alone in Tripoli said...
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Alone in Tripoli said...

Sure Maysoon :)
There are a lot of programs that do the job, you can use any one you choose, they're all very secure but some are more user-friendly than others.
I'll give you a link for a simple and very secure one, and it's free so you don't need to look for any SN or crack:

Using it is very simple, but I'll be happy to provide a walk-through if you need it, just tell me.

dusk till dawn said...

thats a very good eye opening post.specialy comes frm u as a very well experience guy. ur rite no thing can be so secured now days ,its depends on ur net connection provider.reciving all those important stuff could make u rich ha ha,
thanx for the post.

MaySoon said...

Hey Alone, I will try it if I had any problems or needed your help I will let you know, thanks alot :o)

Benghazi Citizen said...

that is,,,,,spooky...
it is like(the big brother is always watching over you)
that gives me the goose-skin,,,
Thanks for the input
Benghazi Citizen

Alone in Tripoli said...

hey guys, thx 4 the input

Duskt-till-Dawn: lol, I know what you mean, you really can make money out of some stuff you get, but you can get urself in deep trouble too ;)

Maysoon: you're more than welcome, please feel free to tell me if you need any help.

Benghazi Citizen: welcome to my blog. You can certainly bet on it that "Big Brother" IS watching, but now even "little brother(s)" can watch too :D

Brian said...

As an American very interested in North Africa, and Libya and Algeria in particular, I am glad that I just discovered this blog.

Even if our work-a-day lives are all pretty similar, it's nice to hear a voice from that part of the world.

I look forward to reading.

Alone in Tripoli said...

Hey Brian :)
welcome to my blog, I'm glad you stopped by, it's really nice that someone from sooo far away is interested in my humble little blog :)
Hopefully I'll keep it interesting

Mr: Madi said...

I knew about this issue And I was wondering how I keep my files as secret as I can because I'm using two way satellite connection in my work….. I'll check the program… than you Brother

Hibo said...

خاطري نتلاقوا شن رأيكم السبت الجاي

LoveLyH said...

come back And Update..
i am waiting...Emmm!!?

LoveLyH said...

HaPpY Eid,
Enjoy The Eid Times with Your Family and Your friends.

Eat well,and be Happy..

And Pray For All muslims Around The world.
Ask Allah to Make All the People Around the World Live
in Pace.

MaySoon said...

Kul sana o inta Tyeb, yalla update!! :o)

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ASMA said...


abdullah SH said...

wll alone u make me feel !!!
no security these days bt thanx alot 4 these information ....send ths program ...

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