Sunday, August 12, 2007

CaCao Cafe'

I've been trying to familiarize myself with the urban "geography" of Tripoli :). I sometime take a bus and go anywhere, I'd just get on and get off later when I feel it's an interesting location. That resulted in me getting lost a couple of times but that's ok, I'm still in Libya so I'd just ask and then I'll find my way again :).
Anyway, as a result of my wandering, I've come across a few interesting places, one of them is the CaCao Cafe, located in Gergarish -I think they call it BuNwas to be more precise-. It's a nice cafe, good service and atmosphere, has a nice view -overlooking the sea-. but it's a bit overpriced. Well to be fair I only tried the more "exotic" beverages such as Kiwi juice, so maybe that's the reason :D
I wish I have my car here with me in Tripoli, it would make "wandering" and looking for interesting places a lot easier. For now I can only get around on buses and taxis, or sometimes when one of my friends is bored he'd come by and we'd cruise around in his car. Hopefully I'll be able to get my own car after a few months, when things are more "stable" :) .


No1-Honest Enough said...

هاذي الكافي مش عادية
أول مره خشيتلها الصبح بكري مع ال10 اني وصاحبتي كل شيء فيها حلو خصوصا الفرانده الخلفية ونظر البحر ونسمة البحر ..

بعد 4 ايام وليتلها اني وصاحبتي وهكذا إستمريت نمشيلها
وجو العشية قبل المغرب حلو
حتي صورة صورة للكيك تشيز وحطيت الصور في بلوقري القديم

من الصعب أنك تلقي مكان حلو ونظيف و محترم يخص الفئتين النساء والرجال

وعلي فكرة قهوة كاكاو تتبع مطعم ازمير

مع تحياتي

Alone in Tripoli said...

Hey I've seen that pic, the one of a cheese cake with red "sauce" on it :)
So that was in CaCao :D !!
You're right about it being part of Azmir restaurant, I actually found that out yesterday :)
When I do go there, it's usually either at 12:30~1PM or at 5:30~6PM. both are very nice times to be there.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Alone in Tripoli,

Bravo for you being so adventurous and making your way around the unfamiliar town. That can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time, but nonetheless a great adventure and story. :-) Sounds like you stumbled onto a great place.

Alone in Tripoli said...

it really is exciting ibeebarbie, I try not to over do it, ie I keep away from places which are known for their criminal activities, at least the ones that I've been warned about :) , I haven't had any problems so far, and inshAllah I'll always stay out of trouble.