Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Defensive Driving

Yesterday I had a 1-day course on Defensive Driving. I've been driving for more than 7 years now, yet yesterday I felt as if I was driving for the very first time.
The way we drive in Libya is very very offensive, we bunch up together at junctions, get too close to each other at traffic stops, and even when you're going at a 100KMph you'd have some guy at less than a meter behind your car, even if you can't change lanes and he sees that.
There was a 2-hour lecture then we hit the road in a 4x4. It was very educating, and actually quite fun, even though I found out that I totally suck at it :( . I'll try to improve when I get my car here in Tripoli, but for the time being I'll be walking and taking buses and taxis. I think I'm pretty good at "Defensive Walking" :D


Alone in Tripoli said...

I think I'm going to Benghazi on the weekend. If I do then I'm gonna take my car for a drive for the first time in 2 months :D
I'll see howmuch of the "defensive driving" course I actually absorbed.

James said...

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